Facts about Me *The Most Up-Dated One*

Me… believe it or not…

  • I never had a Blackberry, or even install BBM (Blackberry Messenger) in my android. Hahaha u may say Im naive, but yes its true. Since Blackberry has booming, I never had any money intention to buy it 😛
    When I had android (I bought Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, 7′ on March 2013), I also never installed BBM… Wakaka though many friends asked me to install it, but Im just sooo lazy 😛
  • I don’t like ikan Lele!!! Yes, for sure. I am not a lele-lover. Im wondering, why lots of people love ikan lele??? Especially pecel lele. Yikees! I just cant stand of it 😦
  • I have a bit-stalker-soul. Hahahaa… Honestly, yes it is. I spent some of my spare time to surf in internet-world to stalk people!!! 😉 But of course I stalked people who gives me motivation!!! And stalked people with lots of achievement. A positive-envy! Hihi 😛
  • I love travelling. No offense, this is my fave hobby since I was kid. Whether with my famz, or with my friends, I always have fun. Kalo orang lain kan enggak, kekadang gak mau jalan2 sama kluarganya, kalo gw, mau sm kluarga atw sama temen, hayuuukk aja!
  • I am crazy about book, blogging and can’t leave without my lappy. Hahha… I have loooots of book. From comic into a scientific book, I collect them all. Bookstore is my fave spot. Blogging is also one of my fave thing. Since 2009 (when I was a student in Thai) I regularly blogging… Wew, its been 5 years! And yes… My lappy is my 1st boyfriend! Cari duit pake lappy, mroyek pake lappy, bikin proposal kampus pake lappy, liat foto di lappy, boring pantengin lappy. Lappy is my everything!!!
  • I am a naturalist person, who loves balance-ism!!! What does it mean??? Gini loh,,, secara gw penganut paham balance-ism alias keseimbangan, jadi semua sisi hidup gw harus seimbang, yang artinyaaa… Kalo hari Senin, gw nongkri tempat mahal *coffee shop etc*, gw gak keberatan kalo Selasanya minum air tebu. Hahaha… kalo Rabunya makan pizza, gw gak keberatan kalo Kamisnya makan nasi ampera. Begitu seterusnya. Weird???? Yes, I am 😀
  • Ph.D is not my obsession. Its my passion. No need to explain more ya… Gw suka belajar (apalagi di luar) dan being a Ph.D student bukan ambisi, itu pure passion. Aminnn… Huah pengen skolahhh…
  • A truly family-lover. Yes I am 😉 Since I come from small family, only Papa, Mama, Me and Lintang, it makes us veryyy close each other 😀
  • I cant ride a motorcycle. I cant drive a car. Too bad eih? Yes… In my house, there is a car, and also a motorcycle, *a matic one* but I just cant use it. Im an angkot lover ahahahhaa 😀

4 thoughts on “Facts about Me *The Most Up-Dated One*

  1. devisaadah May 7, 2014 / 3:49 pm

    you need to take a driving class lengga, just in case you’ll need it someday, it’ll help much. I was also unable to ride or drive but I was wondering why the bus driver able to drive this big truck?? Then I started to learn with all of my courages,,,,and I’ve made it. Now I can drive and ride,,,and it’s so great. Need regular practice to make you a pro but at least you know to use it. Go anywhere you wanna go…….:)

    • Miss Pradipta May 7, 2014 / 7:08 pm

      wooo… i wanna be like u too!
      yep,,, that’s my weaknesses 😦
      cant ride n drive…
      ill be started to take driving course asap kakk hehehe
      thankies ya kak

  2. iin gituu June 2, 2014 / 11:19 am

    pin lu brapa leng?

    • Miss Pradipta June 6, 2014 / 10:02 am

      7D156D00 thinnnn

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