Proposed Beneficiary Impact – Vertical Shelter in Padang City

Considering the crucial benefit of a vertical shelter in Padang city, it means that we minimize the numbers of victim if earthquake and tsunami attacked. The phenomenal quote when 7,6 richter scale earthquake attacked Padang city in 2009 implied that: “Bukan gempanya, tapi bangunannya – Its not about the earthquake, but the buildings” has reminded us that the community does not need to be afraid of the earthquake, but the most important thing is how they safe their lives by having proper buildings or shelters for evacuation.

The population number in Padang city is quite huge, for about 833.652 people live in Padang (Indonesian Statistical Bureau Data). Most of the people in Padang city live in coastal zone and they are very vulnerable if earthquake and tsunami attacked. It can be assumed that if those disasters happened, many people should be evacuated. And evacuating people is not an easy thing to do.

Hence, Mercy Corps puts the biggest concern through this issue. Mercy Corps realized that community has to be informed about the alternative place for evacuation. Community, especially the vulnerable groups (such as; women, children and difable person) supposed to have an access to evacuation place, because frankly, these groups have lack of attention by the government.

Furthermore, private sector as the main part which supported the government in development process also need to put their concern through DRR issue, especially in providing vertical shelter for community. But unfortunately, private sectors seemed do not have a real action in this situation. Maybe its because they have lack of information and get zero benefit if they involved in DRR issue. It such a difficult and long pathway to involve private sector, but it does not mean impossible. Mercy Corps still can involve private sector in DRR issue and providing vertical shelter, but maybe there should be a strategy and ‘win-win solution’ for them. For example, by persuade the government to give an incentive for private sector who implemented their concern in DRR and allowed their buildings to be a vertical shelter if earthquake attacked. In addition, the incentive is not only about money, but also come in another form of profit (for example; tax reduction for private sector which provided the buildings for vertical shelter, or even the reward as the ‘safe building’ in Padang city).



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