Short Holiday to Big City #2

Assalamualaikum! Let’s continue the previous post ;p

The journey of Sunday (Sept 8th) started with walked and window-shopping to ITC Cempaka Putih wekekkee…
And I accompanied Ana to sell his tab, and she bought new cell-phone hahaa orang kayaaa!
After Ana bought a new cell-phone, we ate in Ayam Penyet which was superrrrrrrrrrr…hot!!! Pedes banget ne haaa


Sooo… tired in ITC!!! Huffhhhttt kaki bekondeee! haha
Me and Ana decided to go to Kelapa Gading! Like usual, mal expansion hahaha… Ga bosen2nya yak gw cuz ke Mal… Abis mw ke tempat lain, udah sore boo!

In MKG, we bought bubble tea and hang-out in food court hihi…
But of course, we took pics (narsismo is in the house, yo!)


And of course,,, taking pics session!






Nice 2nd dayyy!!! πŸ˜‰
Gonna continue to the next post!


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