Its June Everyone!!! And I am Back To The Real World (Humanitarian Worker, Lecturer and Entrepreneur) Yippie Yeay!


Its June everyone! Woow… time flies fast, eih? Yayaa… The earth rotates very fast, and without we realized, its June and it means getting closer to Ramadhan (holy-month for Moslem people) hehe… I always love the atmosphere of Ramadhan instead of the others common month! Okay, but the main topic of this post is not that! Its about Back To The Real World, which is super-duper hectic!!! Hwwaah… Kill me!!!

So, actually its more about my struggling in three different areas of work. Humanitarian Worker in Mercy Corps, Lecturer in a university and an entrepreneur in a service-company *asek istilahnya* hohoohoo…
Well, let’s talk about Mercy Corps first!

#Humanitarian Worker with never ending meetings, coordination, workshops and reports!#

Its June and Im still busy with my (what-so-called), Mercy Corps’ event. I just finished my duties as the steering committee of a national conference in Pariaman. But, unfortunately I could not attend that conference everyday because I have to finish my project (as always lah yah, Integrated Service Indonesia’s project hihi). I have to stay a whole day in my house and do that project, because the due date is on June 9, 2013. Hwaaah…Β But hell-yeah, my business is more important right? Besides, I am not the main steering committee for that event, I just asked by my colleagues to help them! #maapkeun abang2kuh# hehe…

Heeu, after free from that national conference, I received an email this morning. Its about the establishing of evacuation map in 5 areas in Padang, Mentawai, Bengkulu, Nias and Meulaboh. Wekss???!!! Belum selesai kerjaan gw, dateng satu lageee… Huhu but I enjoyed it. Ujug2 ntar gw juga yang koordinasi tentang peta itu ke Pemerintah setempat, private sectors dan kaum2 lain di daerah2 intervensi READI (bahasanya “kaum” wkwkwk).Β 

Hence, this weekend I also have an event with Build Change Indonesia in Pariaman, its kind of exhibition, and Mercy Corps also involved in that event. FYI, its more about safe-construction housing or building that will be very useful at post-earthquake period. And for sure, I will be so excited, because the two ladies in Build Change (Elsa and Dita) are my konco palangkin! Heu, cant wait to have an event with them. Yeay!!! So, be ready with the hectic, schedule Lengga!!!Β Hohoo… That’s the latest info about my work in Mercy Corps

#Lecturer Who Loved to “Ganti Jadwal Kuliah” and Struggling for Her Ph.D Scholarship#

And tadaaa! This is my fave topic! Academic world!!! Hehehe, FYI, last Friday (May 31, 2013) I just had skype-ing with my supervisor wanna-be from University of Iowa, Prof. Marcella David. Yap, I even asked for permission from my PM to be late in office that Friday morning. Its because my supervisor wanna-be wanted to talk to me Friday morning (di US waktu itu jam 8 malam) and Indo was 8.00 am in the morning. And you know what? I felt so nervous before that skype-ing. But Alhamdulillah, her reactions was great! And she event wanted me to enroll in University of Iowa this August! Whuuuah, duit darimana mau ke US bulan Agustus? Beasiswa gw aja belum turun! Huaaah Mamaaa… My Dikti’s scholarship will be announced at the end of this year, its impossible for me to ask for that scholarship earlier, right? Entahlah, sing penting usaha. If I cannot go this August, then Professor Marcella David proposed me to be there on January 2014. Uhm, the second choice will be more convinient, jadi gw bisa kumpulin duit dulu di Mercy Corps hahahaha… Mana yang terbaik menurut Engkau saja Ya Rabb… πŸ™‚
And this afternoon, I will meet the Vice Rector I of Andalas University and asking my permission letter for him. I just contacted him and he said okay! Asiiikkk πŸ˜€

Well, well, and how about my student in campus? Huhuhu… that’s the problem! For these couples of weeks, I just postponed my class dan sering gonta ganti jadwal! Actually its not for fair for them! Maafkan Ibuk ya… I just can’t manage my time. I have lots of schedule in the weekend, International Law for regular class and Settlement of Dispute Law for non-regular class. But I promised them to be in campus next week. Bakal minta cuti sehari dari kantor untuk rapel semua kuliah gw sama mahasiswa. Whuuuaah!!! 😦
Wudda bad lecturer I am… Padahal dulu gw gak begini… I promise myself, after got scholarship, I will fully dedicated my time for academic world.

#Deadliners Entrepreneur hihi#

Hehe, jangan ditiru yang ini yaaa… I am a deadliners for my own business. The Cancelot and Rucastle novel is now on progress, and almost 3 chapters are accomplished. There are 26 pages to go. Fewwwh! But I won’t give up! Gw pasti bisaaaa!!! I promise my client, so I won’t make them disappointed. Yeaaay! Ganbatte!
Btw, there is also a good news, my colleague Rika Lubis, just offered me a new project too! And she gave me the contact person for that project. Its quite big I guess. And I will send an email to them this afternoon! Hehehe… bukan maruk yaa… gw seneng aja kerja, bukan sok sibuk juga yaa… I love earning money by myself! Nabung untuk sekolaaahhhh…Β hahaha mudah2an rejekinya Integrated Service yaaa… πŸ™‚

Okay deh semua, welcome June! And have a very great day!!!


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