(Then) I Become A Sumatera Island Explorer


So, this post has a title like that! “(Then) I become a Sumatera Island Explorer”.
Yap, I’ve got the ticket from Indra (the admin staff in my office) and the ticket is issued about my journey to Nias and Meulaboh next Saturday! Yippiieee!!! So excited yet ‘deg-degan‘ because its my first trip to those areas. Well, let’s count how many area in Sumatera that I’ve been explored in 2012 – 2013:

* In my childhood time: I went to Palembang!
* June 2012 : I went to Bangko and Kerinci (in Jambi province!)
* March 2013 : I went to Mentawai (the superbly amazing island in Sumatera!)
* May 2013 : I will go to Nias and Meulaboh! Hohoo…

Welcome to Medannn!!! Hohohooo… =))) And of course, Aceh!!! Super super superrr… excited! Well, to be honest, being a government liaison officer is quite a nice part of my life. I have to ensure my MoUs in five areas (Padang, Mentawai, Nias, Bengkulu and Meulaboh) will be fully accepted and signed by governments. And of course!!! I have to travel to those areas… Yeay! Kapan lageee kerja sambil jalan2 gratis dibayarin kantor? Wakakaka…

So, in the next two days, Ill be so busy in packing my stuff! Hehhe…
Nias – Meulaboh! Im coming!


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