Kabupaten Kep. Mentawai – On Duty #5

My last day in Siberut!
So sad to leave this area… Nice atmosphere, great beach… hiks!

Hot tea plus brochure of Manai Koat Guest House


The lounge of Manai Koat???????????????????????????????

Yum-o fired noodles!???????????????????????????????

Toast with srikaya jam. Yum-o!

The houses in Siberut Island!???????????????????????????????

The ornament from monkey’s skul! =P???????????????????????????????

Pose in front of Art House Siberut!???????????????????????????????

Siberut National Park (the main gate!)???????????????????????????????

Back to guest house =P???????????????????????????????

Riweuh ama bon2 gejee!!! =P???????????????????????????????

Lunchy timeeee!!!???????????????????????????????

Me, in the ship! I love Indonesia!!! =D???????????????????????????????

Lots of things happened in Mentawai. Everything was unforgettable.
Its one of the best moment in my life. Everrr!!!


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