One, Two, Three, and… Bring It On!


Fewwwh #tarik napas lega#
Finally all the projects finished! Yap,, just handled to projects (side projects actually!) through… yippiee!!! No more burden to welcoming this lovely weekend! Ayeaah! So, in the last two weeks, two projects just haunted me! One from my friend (she is taking Master in INRM study program) and she asked me to revise her thesis (in english of course!) and another is from a lecturer in UMSB (he asked me to translate his proposals to english!). But anyhow, I have looots of work in #mercy corps# so I just postpone this projects for about two weeks. Huks, forgive me my clientsss!!! =,(

But now… TADAAA!!! Everything’s finished!!! And I just sent through my clients email. Alhamdulillah. Nah, now I can focus on making office reports (as a government liaison I have to make reports every week) =P and also making some materials for my class. FYI, this semester Im teaching Settlement of Disputes Law and International Law. Hoho, academician timeee!!! =D Always love it!
This weekend I have to go to campus, teaching 2 SKS, then be a reviewer for my student’s examination! Wo, hectic schedule, huh??? #tapi gw gak kurus kurus jugak LOL# Then, in the beginning of March Ill set-up my journey to Mentawai Island hehehe #tugas negara#. Fortunately… (and of course finally!) I can visit Mentawai!!! Ah, cant waitt… that Island is superbly exotic #kata orang# and Im superbly excited for that! =D
Next, I have to prepare for proposals! Yapp… #penelitian dosen pemula dan penelitian hibah dosen# aseeek!!! I have to do lots of research for sure, because Im a lecturer and I got NIDN already hihi… so all chances have to be use veryyy… wiseee!!! Noted that! #mari bikin proposal sebanyak banyaknyaaa pemirsah#

So, my plan (in this limited time) :
One… make proposals for #penelitian dosen# and material for teaching =D
Two… make reports for my #mercy corps# office
Three… prepare for my Mentawai’s journey!!!

One, two, three… Bring it on!!! #doakan semuanya lancar ya# amiiin!! Karena… sebaik-baiknya ilmu adalah yang diamalkan. Hope this quote will always remind me! Muaccch!!


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