Ahhh – mazing Job!

Assalamualaikum gals!

Heeeu, today is Thursday it means… Getting closer to weekend yeay! Only Friday left, and then… Tadaaa! Im ready for holiday πŸ˜‰ #eh ga ding, gw ngajar kelas C di kampus hari Sabtu! Huaahhh#
So… wanna share my happiness to you all πŸ˜‰ Curious, heh? Lemme tell you very completely! Its about my job and my career as a lecturer!!! #monggo diikutin kisahnya# =D

Since Tuesday, everything seem nice and ahhh-mazing!!! Yaps, amazing! I got lots of experience during my job (gonna tell you after this) and the great news (ever!) from my campus (just read previous post about NIDN stuff). Lots of blessed from Allah SWT to me, Alhamdulillah… maka nikmat Allah mana lagi yang akan kamu dustakan???Β Okay, let’s start the stories πŸ˜‰

Tuesday – February 12, 2013

Its a great day ever (since I joined Mercy Corps), well, actually everyday is great, but I think last Tuesday was sooo… great! In the morning (at 9 o’clock), my program manager (pak Supriyanto) asked me to join with him to Pusdalops office of BPBD in bypass. On that day, there was a meeting between BPBD and other SKPD in Padang (kepala kantor pemerintahan gitu di seantero kota Padang) and with the US Embassy head of humanitarian section (Mr. Jeff). Wooo… meeting with US Embassy (gw jadi inget masa2 magang di Deplu… masa2 ikutan mootcourt international… dan masa2 ikutan tes beasiswa s3 dari USAID) I was definitely happy that day!!! And of course, like usual, as a government liaison officer, I have to build such cooperation with government and other stakeholders! Yippie, the best part ever!

In that meeting, we talked about masterplan, especially in building the vertical shelter in Padang City. Of course, lots of Dinas, such as Dinas PU, Dinas Perhubungan, BPBD, dan dinas2 lain ada disitu. Pokoknya semua kepala Dinas!!! Hihi amazing! We also saw animation about Padang’s urban planning in the future. Wooo… Im amazed. Great planning by Pemko Padang. Ups, kesampingkan dulu masalah korupsi dan bobroknya pemerintah Kota ya hahaha… Nanti kita bicarakan itu! Well, the discussion session between governments, Mercy Corps and US Embassy went smooth πŸ˜‰

In the afternoon, we (then) invited to lunch together with head of BPBD and US Embassy to Palapa resto. And when we had lunch, we also talked about anything related to our cooperation. Its nice! Ups, forgot to tell you, I also met Tara, an expatriate from UK, and she is my colleague when IΒ taught in ELS. I met old-friends, and it was a good part πŸ˜‰ Padang emang kecil! Tara was there as an interpreter for Jeff. After we had lunch, we did a field visit to the new center of local government in Bypass (Aia Pacah). Yap, secara US Government mau bantu Pemko Padang dalam pembangunan pusat pemerintahan yang baru, jadi kami harus field visit gitu ke lapangan untuk liat lokasinya, gimana pembangunannya dan lain2. Pokoknya superbly detailsss! Emanglah ya, kerja ama bule itu enak! Mereka detail sekali dan cukup fair dalam hal penggajian staff. Haaa…tetep! =p

And, like my previous post… on that day, I also got a great news from my campus! My NIDN just announced by DIKTI. Alhamdulillah. A great Tuesday in my life so far. Hehehe… hope for another great days… Aminnn!

Wednesday – February 13, 2013

And yesterday… another great day was also happened! Yippieee! And lots of jalan2 yesterday hahaha… Yap, Me with Pak Nurdianto (Project Officer in Padang) and also with US Embassy and BPBD’s were hang around Padang. Heeheee… bukan jalan2 murni loh ya, tapi jalan2 sambil kerja! Yap, we were walking around Padang to re-check about the sirine and Early Warning System for Tsunami’s condition. Jadilah, we went to many spots in Padang city, such as Pantai Bungus, Bukik Putuih, Veteran, Telkom and looot… of places in Padang city!!! Ampe pegel gilak gw! Pergi dari kantor jam 9 pagi, nyampe kantor lagi jam 3 sore hahaha cetaaar!!! Jempol dah!Β And lagi2, I had lunch outside my office. Yappp… makan siangnya diluar lagi bareng US Embassy! We had lunch at Lamun Ombak Khatib and US Embassy treated us!

But the best part is… I got lots of new knowledge!!! About engineering also, and about EWS system! Yap, coz I just met Andreas (the engineer from US Embassy) whom is verrry brilliant! Tu orang super pinterrr! Sayang beda agama, hahaa… loh??!!! Apa maksudnya? Hehe candaaa… And I met Mr. Jeff from US Embassy also, whom is so friendly!!! Like thiss… Jadi pengen kuliah s3 ke Amrik!!! Nah loh! Hihi… C’mon… let’s go to US!!!

All I wanna say about my job is FOUR THUMBS-UP!!! Love my job!

But still, campus world is numero uno!!! Untuk Februari dan Maret ini gw mau masukin proposal penelitian untuk hibah dosen ah… Secara sudah dapet NIDN mari kita jadi ketua peneliti hihi… Dan bikin proposal sebanyak2nya. Tapi kudu proposal yang keren yah! Jangan yang abal2… Males gilakkk! Then,,, mari sekolah… S3… Tak sabar aku mencicipi itu #mulay lebay# Pray for me yaaa… Hope everything I do will give a positive impact on me and anyone else, amin…


2 thoughts on “Ahhh – mazing Job!

  1. wowww,. really amazing , it’s very inspiration for me. i like this ”Hope everything I do will give a positive impact on me and anyone else, amin… ”. Amin ya Robbal’alamin.
    love u so much mba lengga.. πŸ™‚

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