Evening-Talk (But Then, Time Flies Fast)


Wew. Wudda day! Obviously so tired today. Humm… How come? Well… Nothing, just had a lot of appointment today!
* at 10 am : Bang Reza came to my house and we talked about next project! Heuu… πŸ˜‰
* at 2 pm : Had an appointment with Kak Leni to chit-chat and culinary fest! Hihi
* at 7 pm : Matahari came to my house and we shared bout lotsss… Of things! Hehe never get bored to talk and discuss with him!
* at 10 pm : Ni Rika came to my house and gave her thesis to me, so I can revised it.

Wew! 4 appointment in a day! But do you know which part is unforgettable???
Of course when Matahari came to my house! Because we talked bout anything. From serious topic till the silly one! Hahaha can’t stop to laugh! Especially in the part of his groupies that asked his ”fin BB” wkwkwkw… #ampondah

But, hell-yeah. Time flies fast! 2 hour seems incomplete!!! Hiks! I hate that… *tapiyahharusdisyukurijugasih* minimal kan bisa ketemu n ngobrol πŸ˜‰ hehehe…


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