The Angels – December’s Hang Out!

Heeiii… still remember my gank when I was in University? Hehehe, yap the named of my gank is The Angels… Unfortunately, only me and Mansu left in Padang city. The others are living in other town! But… because one of our friends, Paul just celebrated Xmas in Padang, so we prepared to do a reunion today! And tadaaa!!! These are our pics, today in Pizza Hut A. Yani πŸ˜‰
Only three of us (actually The Angels is 8 person!!!), but its okay! We (stiil) look young, aite? Hahaha… πŸ˜€





me only!

Owya, FYI, this is the old formation of The Angels! This pic took in 2007 (if Im not mistaken!) When we were young! A very good memory to cherish! Ahh, miss those times and miss them too!!! Huaaahhh!!! πŸ˜₯

the angelsOur friendship is starting from 2003 (when we were in Unand). And next year, it means, our friendship will be 10 years!!! Owemji! Such a looong… time, aite? Haha terang aja, udah pada nikah bahkan ada yang punya anak! Gw aja yg masih single, hahahaa… #Miriss #Tragiss πŸ˜€ Doakan aku menyusul mereka cepat merito yaaak!Β 


2 thoughts on “The Angels – December’s Hang Out!

  1. Huahahahah.. Kangen beut sama angels.. Btw koreksi: yang single bukan cuma lu doank ngge.. Gw jugaaaa.. Whoaaaaa.. When will I find that man?? Gaje semua ni yang nongol #curcol :))

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