Slowly But Sure, Lengga!


Hoho, how’s your day after Lebaran? Must be very hectic, aite? Everyone gotta go back to their work, and maybe their study (for student). And so do I! I have to go back to take TOEFL class (again!) and do lots of research. Yup, there are some unfinished jobs that I need to be finished! Project with Pak Helmi (gosh! ampe sekarang belom juga!), then a project with Dinas Peternakan also waiting! Huaahh… lots of thingsss!!! #garukaspal.ย Humm… campus life is going smooth, Im gonna teach on September 10th, but I dont get any schedule yet, my Faculty will inform me very soon (as they told so) and now Im just busy with TOEFL and those projects. Kinda boring! I miss campus life, I miss to see my students, I miss to see my colleagues in campus, I miss to “menggosip” with them. Aaah, how I miss them so much!

And, now let’s ask myself about my scholarship progress!!! A very-sensitive-and-makes-everyone-curious… LOL ๐Ÿ™‚ Yep, my spirit to Ph.D scholarship still in full-speed! However there are some rejections regarding to my application, but I dont wanna give up! I do believe, someone who gets success need to be suffered and rejected thousand times! Hoho sok bijak gw kali ini!ย But now, Im not so ‘ambitious’ or ‘obsessed’ to that thing! I still apply and try and trryyy… But maybe I want to be more calm, and slow… Gak grasa grusu lagi dalam bikin research proposals. The point is, when I got chances, then I will apply (for sure!). Besides, I have to think, which field suits me best… Apakah Hukum? Apakah INRM atau kehutanan? Apakah gender? ATAUKAH… GABUNGAN DARI KETIGANYA??? But, hell! Its very difficult to find what suits me best. Queensland is looking for a ‘pure’ naturalist… And Bern is looking for a ‘pure’ environmentalist. Fewh, when Im looking at my background, a totally gado-gado! Maybe its a hard decision for the scholarship committee to choose me, hikss… Now, Im just trying DIKTI’s scholarship. Mari mengadu peruntungan disana… Hahaha. Whatever it is, just grab! Doakan doakan… I know, that my blog readers are kinda boring to read this blog, karena isinya tentang impian sekolahhh… melulu!!! Maafkan ๐Ÿ˜ฆ but that’s me and my dream…

Next time I’ll post something which makes you interested. I promise ๐Ÿ™‚


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