What’s Up My TOEFL Course?


Hehe, now I wanna talk to you about my TOEFL course in ITI so far!
Well, kinda interesting to talk about this! Yappp…very interesting!
Whether its the class, the classmate, the instructor, and the lesson itself! Haha…
But please, dont laugh at me, okays!

Hahaha… so my TOEFL course was started last Wednesday at 9.00 am.
Yep, I chose morning class, so I can put my full concentration in TOEFL. If I chose noon class, Im afraid that lots of things will disturb me, lagian siang/sore kan panas bangettt… Mending ambil kelas pagi, that’s what I thought!
Then, my first class began…

Last Wednesday, each of us (all new student in TOEFL class) have to introduce our selves…
And my classmates are dominated by brondong and brinding! Hihi… yap!!! Im the oldest in the class! Haha
Most of them are university students and only me!!! Yap ONLY ME, whom is lecturer! Wakaka…
Well, ada sih beberapa classmate yg udah kerja, tapi mereka bukan akademisi. Kebanyakan kerja di swasta dan perlu TOEFL juga! And, ketika tiba giliran gw ngenalin diri, they couldnt believe that I’m 26!!! Gw dibilang 23 tahun loh hahaha… ketipuuu!!! Yapss… because I have baby-face look, perhaps? Hihi
The class was running smooth, and so did the lesson! Walopun gw pernah ngajar dan jadi instruktur bahasa Inggris, tapi kan basic gw bukan bahasa Inggris, jadi gw excited banget utk nambah ilmu! Sumpah! Senenggg…bangetttt!!! Jadi tau banyak hal tentang bahasa Inggris!ย And I loooved it!

Uhm talks about score-target, my target is more than 550! Yuhuu… I put a high-one! Its because I want to apply for Ph.D… And I think, if my score is more than 550, its easy for me to apply in Europe, America and Australia… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Amin!
The instructor are nice and they made me understand about “the keys” in TOEFL! The brondong are also nice and handsome! Haha tetep!!! They called me Kakak, and they think my BP is 2006. Yaaahaaa… mereka pikir gw angkatan 2006 bo’… masih muda gilaaa!!!ย Penyegaran banget deh, pagi2 liat brondong2 cakep calon bankers hihi… (FYI, many of the brondongs wanted to be bankers and worked in Pertamina!) Amin!! Kakak doain sukses smua ya dek ๐Ÿ˜‰

I have a dream… One day, when Im getting old (let say > 35 years-old) I wanna establish my own institution, I mean language institution… Whether its focused in conversation or TOEFL… Pokoknya mau bantu orang2 yang minat belajar bahasa Inggris gitu… Amin Ya Allah! Gw mau jadi dosen, konsultan dan enterpreneur!!!ย Hehe…maruk dan kebanyakan minat ๐Ÿ˜‰

Owya, forget to tell you! Semalem Meteor sms gw dan bilang kalo dia akan pulang Lebaran nanti! Huaaahhh!!! Kembali bersemikahh?? Atau justru akan berakhir kisah si Meteor ini?? Uhm.. we’ll see… One thing that I need to convince to myself! Meteor, walau bagaimanapun, gw pernah sayang sama dia… Sekarang, entahlah…mungkin masih… Ahhh! liat besok aja deh ah, ribet bo’! #kembali galau ๐Ÿ™‚
Okay, whatever, and que sera sera..


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