Break-Fasting With Islamic Relief’s Ladies


Its actually the photos of last week! When I had meeting and break-fasting together with Ni Pit and Yanti (Islamic Relief’s ladies!) in Ayam Tulang Lunak.
Hoho… so happy of course! Since I haven’t met them for months!!!
And, we chit-chat a lot at that night! Laughing, discussing and talked about scholarship! Hihi tetep lah ya
Here are our pics… (Only 3 pics, hufhhttt…)

And Im so glad to hear that Ni Pit will pursue her study! Yeaayyy!!
Iya Ni Pit, lanjut ajaaaa… You’ll be addicted to scholarship like me, hihi
I’m gonna pray for you Ni Pit… πŸ˜‰
Great night, great friends… Alhamdulillah…

See you in the next break-fasting album! Hoho


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