Aku dan Uniku

Β Just met Ni Rika today. She went to my house, we talked bout many things. About INRM, about our life in Thailand, about our dream to pursue study and of course about love! πŸ˜‰

I always share lots of things with her when we were in Thailand. She understands me better than anyone else… And yes, she really understand about my feeling. Haha just remembered my cinlok with someone in AIT, Thailand haha…
Uni, you’re the best!!! Love you, un! :*

We also took pics using my lappy… And these are some evidence about how crazy we are! Hehe… Check ’em out!

Uni, I wish I could go with you for pursue my study πŸ˜‰
Can’t wait for that day… We studied together, cooked together, cried together and share the unforgettable days together. Huaahhh! It makes me cry as well…

Thanks Un! For being a good sister of me when we were in Thailand!
That was so memorable!


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