Ramadhan is Coming. Ramadhan is Here.


Alhamdulillah, in couple of hours we can meet again with blessed month, Ramadhan! Yes, Ramadhan is coming. Ramadhan is here. So excited and happy to face Ramadhan πŸ˜‰
And after such loonngg…time, this year I can spend my Ramadhan with my family. So blessed! FYI, in 2009 I spent my Ramadhan in Thailand. In 2010 I spent my Ramadhan in Padang. But then in 2011, I was busy looking for money in Pariaman with Islamic Relief Worldwide, of course I couldn’t enjoy my Ramadhan with my family…
And now, TADAAA!!! I’m in Padang and InsyaAllah spend my Ramadhan with Mom, Dad, Lintang and Abe… Super happy! πŸ˜‰

But of course, when Ramadhan is getting closer, I also feel upset… Why? Well, this is the 9th Ramadhan without Bu Gaek, my beloved Grandma. Bu Gaek passed away in 2003 (when I was in the first year in university). I missed her so Β much… Bu Gaek blum sempat menyaksikan gw seperti sekarang, blum sempet liat gw menggapai sukses. Hiks sedih! But yeah, life goes on and I believe that Bu Gaek is already rest in peace there… Amin!

Owya, I haven’t send any messages to meteor, to say Happy Ramadhan. Tu lah, nomornya udah gw hapus, huhu…Β May meteor forgive all my mistakes to him, my disloyality and my mistakes. Kesalahan meteor sudah gw maafkan, jauuuhhh…sebelum Ramadhan, apapun itu semua kembali ke titik nol. Guys, Happy Ramadhan, ya… Please forgive all my mistakes in the past.

Note: Welcome Taraweh, asmara subuh, pabukoan, and everything which are sooo…meaningful during Ramadhan! 30 days with examination from Allah and hopefully all of us can accomplish it successfully! Amin ya Rabbal’alamin…


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