Project… Project… Come to Mama!


Yuhuu… genuinely happy these two days. Lots of project come to me and my business This July, there are 2 projects! The first one from Bang Ari (Master student in Engineering Unand) and the second one from Pak Ridwan (Doctoral student in Agriculture Unand)… Alhamdulillah…

Actually, I proposed to go to Bukittinggi tomorrow morning, because my students have final exam and I’m the committee for that examination. But! You know what??? This noon, I just received message from Prof. Helmi (Vice Rector IV Unand and also my former supervisor) and he asked me to go to his office tomorow. Weww… pilihan yang sulit! But you know me, gw pasti milih Pak Helmi dong, secara beliau udah gw anggap kaya orang tua sendiri… lagian di Bukittinggi cuma jadi sekretaris ujian! Hari Minggu baru mata kuliah yang gw pegang yang bakal diujiankan… So, I cancelled my trip to Bukittinggi tomorrow. Wednesday will be good to go there, I guess… 🙂

Well, today runs smooth. I went to LBH Anak’s office, then met Kak Leni, and she curcol about her love-stories. Uhm, like usual, she ‘trapped’ in Mr. H’s love. Fewwhh… I suggested her to solve this problem as soon as possible. Dont make this stories become more and more and moooreee… absurd and complicated! No matter what happened, aku akan slalu support kamu kak 😉 You wanna know how galau she is? Just read her blog at Ternyata, orang dewasa kaya Kak Leni bisa galau juga hehehe… Owya, just pray for me, that I’ll get new project from Prof. Helmi, ehehee… And also wish me the best to looking for a supervisor, will you 😉 These are pics today, when I was busy in Monday! Haha…

This was my TOEFL’s book and my project from Pak Ridwan…

And this is my ‘serious’ face during read the project 😀

Widihhh,, itu ada jerawat gede banget di dagu! Huah! Kangen sapa cobaaa??? LOL
Haha, just a joke! Hehe… hopefully, tomorrow is much much better than today!
And Allah always give His blessed to me and to everyone…
See ya! Muach :*


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