Cousin’s Session

Sometimes, when I couldnt share my stories to others, my cousin is always be the right person to talk to. You know me, if there’s a problem, BIG problem, I couldnt share it to my friends. Im kinda introvert person. Hehe…
Actually, she lives beside my house, but because we are busy, we are seldom to meet each other.
This is me and her, couple days ago. When we had curhat session in KFC and PA! She treated me on thay day! Thank you Rika Pepi sayang… πŸ˜‰

And this is me, on that day!

Well, she just have the same problem with me. Almost, I mean… Its a classical problem, that you know, always caught every ladies, L.O.V.E problem, hihi
But, she ensures me that everything is gonna be alright.
God will decide what best for us, dont worry about that! Yippie!!! Awesome cousin!!! love you dear Rika pepi… :*


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