Its a naughty title, aite? Hehe…
Boy-licious means, boys are delicious! Yes, they are! They are delicious with all their personality and their charmed.
Uhm let say… This title is NOT naughty. I never taste them, I dont know whether they are delicious. Its just a illustration for sure… Hihi
Im not a big fans of boy, Im not a player, BUT thanks God I always have boys friends to cheer-me-up when Im sad. Boys friends disini maksudnya temen cowok loh ya, bukan pacar.

Well, couple days ago, I felt so moody and upset. Why? Its because of love (maybe!).
And when I just attacked by those moody feeling, Alhamdulillah I have two boys-friends whom are always make me think positive and relax!
Yes, they just like my brothers. When I have “love-feeling-attack” with a man, they reminded me to stay calm. And they said:

Muhammad Irfan
Santai se lah buk, hadok-i yg jaleh-jaleh sajo…
Prasaan tu absurd mah… Fiktif
Apo lagi cinta… Huft…. D most absurd. N fiktiv thing in dworld mah

Andi Putra
hahaha…………….. hidup tu mmg hrs memilih ndut. tak kan pernah kita temui 1 jalan yang lurus sampai tujuan akhir, akan sll ada persimpangan yang meminta kita untuk memilih. tergantung bagaimana cara kita memilih.

They, with their craziness, always make me happy! Thank you guys πŸ™‚
Im so lucky to have friends like you both! Although we never met since looong…time ago, they always be good friends when I need them.

So, based on their suggestion, I can conclude:
If I started to fall in love with someone, please just be realistic. Just reacted with everything in front of me. The feeling is absurd, not real… Haha then also, life is about choices, we never found a smooth way, we decide our own choices. And it depends on how we choose.
Woo… noted that!!!

Im afraid of fall in love, I dont want to fall in love (at least) for now… It disturbs my day, my focus and my activity…
It Β doesnt mean that Im weird!! No, Im still normal, who have crush with someone. But I dont want this feeling take role as a drugs.
Yuhuu, sometimes LOVE is like a drug. It makes me addicted to love and I hate that…
Its better to take it easy. Life is there to be enjoyed right? Too many cases in love, which are pathetic or even terrific. But I dont wanna be a part of them… Segala sesuatu yang serba terlalu itu ga baik kan?Β Don’t TRUST too much. Don’t LOVE too much. Don’t HOPE too much. Because that too much can hurt you so much.

Anyway, I just made a new logo ofΒ Its still a simple one, but Im happy with what I made… This is the new logo! Need more improvement, I know…

Hehe, feel so excited to talks about my business than talks about LOVE. Love only belongs to ababil! And Im not ababil πŸ˜€Β So ladies! Just be calm. Lets focus on our job, our goal and our future!!! And remember! Do not fall in love too fast πŸ˜€
See you in the next post!


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