When Bad Mood Attacked!


Just had a terrible day! Yes, terrible yet so tiring 😦
Lemme explain what did I do today…
In the morning, at 9.00 I went to Rectorat office of UMSB, to take care all of my business related to ‘kegalauan‘ between Fac. of Law or Fac. of Foresty.
But then, the people that I wanted to meet was not in his place.
So, we decided to meet again at 14.00.
Well, its better for me to have some ‘cemilan‘ in the morning.
I went to PA alone and sat down in a resto, ordered some food, then ate!!!
Besides, I online and updated a status… Just a silly one! Not for serious.
I just posted:

Anda baik, saya bisa beratus2 kali lebih baik.
Anda setia, saya bisa beratus2 kali lebih setia.
Anda bajingan, saya bisa beratus2 kali lebih bajingan.
Jadi semua tergantung anda.
Saya bisa menyesuaikan.

I just posted that for fun! But then, lots of comments came through.
And, the worst, I got a message from someone (you dont need to know who is he/she!)
In that message, at last, the person said…

You know my position, just a part of your time.Β 
I just want you to do things according to your intuition.
Do you think that I’m a jerk?

Bah! what kinda of message was that??? makes me sick as well…
Got headache spontaneously!
In that super duper hot noon, I got that message.
I dont wanna have such cat-fights with that person.
Better to forget that message.
Kalo diinget2 bikin bete, coz I never think that he/she like that! PART OF… yang artinya, dia hanya sebagian dari hidup gw! Fewwwh!

Okay, change the topic!
Then, at 14.00, I went (again!) to Rectorat office and met DR.Ansofino (Vice Rector I)
We talked much about me, my career, my education and so on.
The conclusion is… I have to be part of Fac. of Forestry (as a structural position), but I (still) could teach, and do research in Fac. of Law (as a functional position). Yah gitu deh kira2! Ribeeettt…
It means, two decisions for me. Hella-pissed. Au deh ah, ga ngertiii…
PR I-nya tertarik sama ilmu s2 gw yang beasiswa di Thailand, NRM and Gender. Positive impact, it will be lots of research in Fac. of Forestry. Negative impact, I will be say ‘au revoir‘ to Bukittinggi… Just go there to teach, do research, as extraordinary lecturer.

Got double smack-down today! It smacks my heart, kanai mental gw… Ciek gara2 sms, ciek lai gara2 rektorat. Sakik utak!Β I dunno what’s gonna happened next, let God decides what suit me best. Im just tired… 😦

And, this afternoon, I started my hobby (again!). Drawing.
Yep, drawing manga (Japan cartoon).
It makes me relaxed as well… Udah lama ga ngegambar… Gw hampir melupakan cita2 masa kecil gw, jadi pengarang komik. LOL
And this is my manga πŸ˜‰
Its a good choice when bad mood attacked

Please pray for me, so that I can get better things πŸ˜‰
Owya, Im gonna go back to Bukittinggi tomorrow after Subuh…
Cant wait! Miss my friends in Bukit πŸ˜‰


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