In Love With You Because…

Some reasons why I’m in love with you…

  • You picked me up to my house, although my house is very far from your rent house.
  • You introduced me with your office’s friends.
  • You let me to join with your office’s event and we watched that event together.
  • You loved the kiddos, and you did not feel shame when you played with kiddos.
  • You were not afraid to look dumb with those pinky mini-flag in your ears.
  • You smiled and laughed with me, without any burden.
  • You asked me to wear jacket when we wanted to go home, because it was cold.
  • You brought me to my house, and you showed me that you had a big responsibility for that.
  • You met my Mom, and shake your hand with her. That’s sweet πŸ˜‰

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