One is Finished, Another are Waiting!


Horray! Finally, all data for Bangko and Kerinci are finished to be input! And Alhamdulillah, I just got the money… Hehehe, not much, but enough for paying my rent house, to be saved in my bank account and treat my family in Pondok πŸ˜‰

Well, the research is finished and now, Im ready to revise Een’s thesis… I’ll give it to him next week. After that revising, I will focus in making paper for AIT, Thailand (my former campus) and try to submit an article to UGM… Hehehe… Busy busy busy!!!
Thus, I also have a BIG project (in planning) with Lia (my friend in AIT, whom are now, she is a lecturer in Unsri). Yep! We will try to combine between transportation and law issue. Hoho kinda interesting. Besides, Im gonna make my proposal for Ph.D and apply for TOEFL (maybe in the beginning of July).

And another surprising thing, maybe I would be more focus on GAMMI (my NGO with Bang Reza, Rika and Meiki) and try to submit lots of proposal to donors. Pokoknya, tahun ini kudu dapat satu donor asing! Semangattt…Β Hehe πŸ˜‰
Anyway, tonight Yanti and Bang Reza came to my house, and we talked about our study. We proposed to continue our study, FYI Bang Reza has a big passion to continue his study in USA. Weeeww… He planned to ask his wife and his son to be with him, that’s why he interested with USA, secara di USA beasiswanya gede boo… Bisa bawa anaknya hehehe. Kalau gw sih, dimana aja asal beasiswa hihi

Intinya, keep spirit for everything in our upcoming steps. Semangat dan positive thinking itu perlu!Β Do’akan semua urusan lancar yaa… Trus, satu lagi, doakan para pemakai jasa gw, cepat bayar kewajibannya yaa… (secara ada beberapa rekan yang belum bayar, such as; Xave!) Hihi… happy weekend!


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