Black With The Touch Of Red


Happy Monday! Coincidently, I wore the same clothes with Kak Sil and Eva when we were in Bukittinggi. Check our pics…

Pic 1. Before we went to our colleagues event

Pic 2. After we ate in our colleagues residence. Yummy food!

Pic 3. And this was the last pic before we go back to our campus

Note : Looks like dendeng balado with that clothes. LOL πŸ˜€


Anyway, I just had a crazy long-weekend related to my luv-life and the people that I loved.
The positive one, my relationship with ‘someone’ is going back to normal. And still, like usual he is sooo…nice with me.
The negative one, ‘someone’ also left me and he is going back to his area. It makes me sad, actually, but life goes on no matter what.

I just can’t stick with one people. I hate myself. Im spoiled.

I just can’t tell the stories now, too complicated. Too bad. Too risky.
Lengga is stupid. Lengga is dumb. Lengga is spoiled.
And Lengga hates herself for that!


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