Gonna Be ‘A Big Day’ For Them


Fewh… Wudda day! Bukittinggi seems not friendly today coz big rain never stop from noon until now (6.50 pm). Whuaahhh… I hate rain when night came, its terribly cold and Im just alone in my rent house. Too bad…
Anyway, this morning I trained Xave’s teenager in Lapangan Kantin Bukittinggi. Yep. The last training for them, coz you know what? Tomorrow they’ll have competition in SMU 1 Bukittinggi. Owemji! If Im not mistaken, weeks ago, Mr. Meik Well (their vice headmaster) told us that the competition will be on Saturday. And why now it changed??? Faster than we thought… Huks!
Well, it doesn’t mean that we are not ready! (we referred to ‘me’ as their trainer, and ‘them’ as the participants on the competition). I do believe with their capabilities, with their passion and with their spirit, BUT you know there are lots of unpredictable things if we follow a competition, right? The unfair judges, the unsupported conditions, and bla bla bla… which is sometimes is out-of-our control. I hope that tomorrow everything is gonna be fine and settle down! I know their qualities… Stefhany, Ester and Feylie… They are awesome!!! They have their own uniqueness for sure!!! πŸ˜‰

Hei, hei, did I tell you about ‘who they are’? Nope… Okay, gonna introduce them one by one for you!

Stefhany – a very freak teenager in Xave. Hahaha that’s what I thought when I met her since March. She is very nice, talkative and narsis-tingkat-dewa.Β Hehe… but she also love to cry if she is trapped in upset conditions, haha cengeng juga ternyata πŸ˜›
She has a big dream, and I do believe that she can make all her dreams come true one day! Amin… Love you stef… Walopun kakak sering marah2 sama kamu dan kadang2 sering bawel supaya nyuruh kamu diem, sebenarnya kakak sayang sekali sama kamu stef… I really mean it, hehe :*Β 

Ester – a teenager with behel. First time, when I met her, I thought that she is a shy girl and so silent. Thus, she does not like to talk much and always keep silent when I asked her something! BUT that only happened for the 1st week… Haha after that, she was so opened to me and bawel!!! Hihi she got the first rank in her class this semester, that’s why she followed 2 competitions at the same time, English and Physics! Whuaahhh… Uhm, and this condition (when she confused to decide what competition she loved the most) made us cried together, and it was very touchy! Huks… 😦 That was memorable!!! Love you ester :*

Feylie – a chubby cheek teenager. Her friends loved to call her, bakpao. Coz you know, her white and chubby cheek is as yummy as bakpao. Hehe. Yes, she is a chinese girl who really loved to be involved in her religion activity. Fyi, she is a buddhist. Just like Ester, at first, when I met her, she looked so silent! Haha… until time proved that she is not that silent! Hehehe… Feylie stays with her aunt and uncle not with her famz. Her famz is in Jambi. So that’s why she loves to curhat with me about everything. Intinya, Feylie itu bawel juga hahaha… And, of course I love you Fey… :*

And so many things happened since March 18th, 2012 (that was the first time when I trained them). Laughters, tears, joy and also bad condition… Hehe ada marah2 dan ngambeknya juga.Β Everything is sweet… πŸ˜‰ Love you girls! Goodluck for tomorrow! Let’s rock de competition… πŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “Gonna Be ‘A Big Day’ For Them

  1. goodieshoes April 27, 2012 / 1:57 pm

    i will miss u kak lengga … : * huaaa ….. jangan pergi la ….., aku nangis nih ….

  2. miss lengga April 27, 2012 / 6:24 pm

    and im gonna miss you too… :*
    you’ll always be my sister, no matter what happened πŸ™‚

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