Never Ending Blessed


The gift from Allah is really amazing for me… Another big project is waiting for GAMMI… 😉 Yes, next month InsyaAllah I will visit another area (which I never visited before) and do some research there. With GAMMI’s members of course. Huaahh… so excited! And of course, it will enrich my knowledge and my bank account hihi… A bit info, GAMMI is an NGO that I made with my friends (we are lecturers from Unand, and we have initiative to stick with sustainable development issue). Yes, our NGO is a fresh-from-the oven NGO, and we just submitted two proposals to UK NGO (Islamic Relief’s Worldwide) and also to United Nations on Women. Well, it doesn’t mean that our proposals were succeed, NO, we just tried, and we are ready if those two big institutions rejected us. We have a strong commitment to make our NGO becomes big and settle one day. Doain ya… And yes, Allah is really amazing. Belum kelar satu project gw handle, dateng lagi rejeki yang luar biasa besar. Alhamdulillah ya Allah…

After I finished my project with Xaverius foundation (fyi, they will have competition on April 27th) and after I finished my position as a thesis advisor for Een (a lecturer from ISI Padang Panjang), I will apply for ADS scholarship. Yes… I’m so craving for school. I miss to study abroad. Actually I miss Thailand and I want to study there, but for my Ph.D, I want to try Europe, Australia, or America. Hehe… pray for me. Because you know what? Belajar di luar negeri itu bikin nagih!!! And I want to achieve that again! With scholarship of course… the deadline for ADS is on August, so I will rush for that.

Btw, my campus world is quite busy. Proposals, research, etc. but it’s totally fun! You know that I really love writing, right? Gw suka banget nulis proposal, suka banget nulis jurnal, dan gw kangen nama gw muncul lagi di website international, kaya di… (That was an International seminar where I was participated actively there!). The point is, I want my life is having a progress each time. I hate stuck condition. Hehe… I love working, I love writing, I love teaching and I love to be closer to community (research, etc). And I believe, everything that I do nowadays will be very valuable for my next career in the future 😉

Hei hei! Did I tell you about earthquake that attacked Aceh and all over Sumatera’s island? No?! Well, so sad, yesterday a big earthquake (more than 8 Richter scale) shocked us. Yes, I didn’t notice that, because at that time, I was in UMSB’s campus, and busy took pictures with my colleagues. Lucky us, that a student told us that it was an earthquake. Of course all of us became so panic and run outside. I directly called BeePee and made sure that he was okay. Thanks God, he was in Medan and did not affect by earthquake. My Mom called me (5 minutes after the earthquake) and asked me to go back to Padang. Mom and Dad were saved, Alhamdulillah… Fewwh… earthquake makes people trauma, and I hope there is no more earthquake. Ya Allah, jangan sampai gempa lagi… Kasian orang2 di Sumatera pada trauma. Uhm, I just remembered what my parents told me, dunia ini makin tua, bencana makin banyak, maka jangan jahat2 sama orang, sering2 berbuat baik. I really love that words 😉 very positive. So, for people who bullied me, please stop doing that. Hehhee… life is so short and do not hate others, do not hate me. Life goes on, time flies away and we as a human have to do our best every day. Help others, do positive things and pray to God. I hope tomorrow will be better for every human being and (teteup!) HOPEFULLY my BeePee will pass the second test, aminnn…

Okay, see ya on the next post! Adios!!!


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