The Bullies and The Man That I Love

Assalamualaikum… This post is a combination between my upset feeling in campus, and my happy feeling in my love-life…

Last Thursday, I just got bullied from my colleagues in campus. Let’s called her ‘seorang oknum’. Yes, she bullied me in front of the lecturer’s meeting. She thought that I am the golden-kid in the campus and my salary is as big as the old-lecturer in campus. Of course I rejected that argument. Fyi, my salary in campus is not big. I prefer to do lots of project to earn money! Follow projects from NGOs, follow projects in LBH Anak, or even make translation project for legal documents (which is the money is BIGGER than in campus). I told her (in front of others, too) that I’m not looking for money, and I just want to be an academician. I’m not a money oriented person! She got shocked when she heard my argument, and directly kept silent. I don’t hate her. I just can’t stand if she attacked me regarding to my salary. It’s not her rights, isn’t it? Fuiihh… It’s kinda difficult, why people love to disturbs other people’s business? I never disturbed her or tell something bad about her. But lots of people said that she got jealous with me, and loved to say something’s bad about me. I feel sad. I never think negative about her. At least now, I know who she is… and I don’t want to have such business anymore with her. It’s better to keep silent and pretend her as a transparent creature! Daripada gw jadi ikut2an negative thinking, mending anggep aja dia ga ada… All I can do now is being patient…  I know that Allah doesn’t sleep, He knows what happened to me. May Allah leads me to the right path. Amin…

Okay, forget about her!

Well, did I tell you good news about BeePee??? No? I haven’t? Okay I’m gonna tell you! Yesterday, (exactly on Friday morning), BeePee called me, and he said that he passed the Prosecutor test chapter 1! Alhamdulillah… orang yang gw sayang lulus tes Calon Jaksa tahap 1. Swear! I feel so happy and want to cry (a happiness tears, of course!). He called me with joy (I could hear that from his voice) and he was very thankful to Allah SWT. I said that he deserved to get that. He studied very hard for that test, days and nights. And he thanked me because I always support him. He asked something, which makes me felt so shy, he asked; “Baa Leng?” And I answered; “Seneng, ****! Terharu, raso ka manangih. Selamat yo ****”. Whuaaahhhh!!! I love him more and more… I told him, actually I just knew the news about the result from Kak Sandra (my senior when I was in bachelor degree), but I don’t want to ask him. I would let him tell the result to me by himself. And he smiled. He promised me, after the 2nd test in Medan, he would go back to Padang and meet me… huhuhu… terharuuu!!! Yes, he would go back to Padang to do his ‘nazar’. He promised his parents to feed the orphan, because he just got the remuneration money, and he doesn’t want to keep the money from himself. I’m so proud of him. Then we talked much in that morning. About his office, about my job in campus, about his journey on that test, and about his arrival in Padang (coming soon!) hehe…

A bit story about his 1st test… So, on that test, there are some questions related to Narcotics Law. He said, he was directly remembered me, because we ever discussed about Narcotics Law couple months ago (fyi, I ever asked him about Narcotics Law, because last semester I handled that subject). And you know what? When I heard that, I just felt happy and smiled, he still remembered those memories. Then he also said that he forgot to eat before the test, and it made him little bit ‘hang’, haha… I told him, on the next test, please keep attention on his health and eat healthy food. I don’t want him get ill, and he promised me he won’t do that again. We also talked about his friends, my friends and lots of stories about us in the past. The story how we love sate KMS, the story how we love to take walk, and then story that we love to live in a simple or ordinary way. He said that, he tried to live simple there; all of his colleagues in the office have soft-loan in the bank. But he doesn’t want to do that… Hei!!! He just same with me, bagi gw pantang2 minjem2 uang di Bank, selagi gw masih bisa hidup dari uang yang gw punya. Apalagi minjem2 duit koperasi kantor, itu gak gw banget. Dan diapun juga gitu! We have similarities, and it makes me love him more and more!!! Hehehe… gw suka kesederhanaannya, gw suka cara dia berbagi banyak ilmu dan pengetahuan ke gw, gw suka cara dia (tanpa sadar) mengajarkan gw banyak hal tentang kebaikan. Gw suka semuanya…

Well, maybe I ever did something wrong, I like some men, before I realized that he is the one. I won’t do that again. I quit from all stupid games! I just deleted some men who disturbed my life and my feeling. I removed A and R, so sorry for this… It doesn’t mean that they are not my friends anymore, we are still friends in real world, but not in facebook. Because sometimes, when I saw them online, or maybe when they saw me that I online, we are still thinking bla bla bla… and I want to avoid that. Be focus in life, be focus in one heart, Lengga.

The lesson-learned that I got in these couple of days, always be thankful to Allah for every single part of our lives, just ignored the haters, because whether we like or dislike them they always exist in this world, right? Hehe… And for BeePee, I wish you all the best in the next test!


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