Check out my random pics during my loong weekend in Padang!

My morning activity after I woke up… There were pack of tofu in refrigerator. So I had initiative to cook it (at the same time, I was also hungry hehe). And because the electricity was off, and the rice in magic-com could not be eaten anymore, so I just ate this until lunch time came. Hahaha 😉
Its very simple to make it. I just use 2-3 tofu, then I cut them into small pieces. A little tips for you, I love to make the tofu in small and thin slices, because when I fried it, it so crispy… After cut the tofu into small and thin slices, I prepared the instants flour  (I used a pack of crispy flour, and the merk is Mama Suka). I mixed the instants flour with 3 tablespoons of cold water, then put the tofu on it. Uhmm, make sure all the flour and tofu altogether. The last step, just fried it until it brownish. Wohoo… can’t get enough of one or two tofu!!! I ate a lot of them… Hihi

Since Mom bought a lot of fruit and vegetables in Sunday morning, I decided to make juice. Well, you know, anak kos like me, who lived alone in Bukittinggi, is rarely to eat fruit and vegie. I only ate carbo and protein there. If I ate fiber, it must be by instant juice or fruit that has been sold by the street vendor. Itu loh, buah potong yang dijual Rp. 1000,- per potong, hahaha. Owya, first I made cucumber juice. Its good for our health, especially the person with high-blood pressure. Hei, I remember my-ex, Malik who loved to consume this juice. Hehe a bit intermezzo 😉
My suggestion, its better to keep the cucumber like it is. Do not peel the skin of the cucumber. Because the skin contains lots of vitamin and good for our health, however its little bit bitter, but its okay… Okay then cut them into two slices, put in blender, add some sugar (depend on our taste) and do not forget the ice cube… Trust me, it tastes like a smoothies… Super yumm-ooo!!! Slurpp… 😉

After cook, made juice and ate in the house, its time to hang out!!! Let’s go! Hehe actually to hang out, I love to wear shoes, but on that day, I saw my black sandals in shoe-case, so I took it and wore it. Kinda feminine… 😉
I bought this sandals last year (to celebrate Eid Fitri) and it has the same model with my sister. And this pic took when I was waiting for city bus in front of my house. A very freak woman, huh? Super duper narsis… Bahkan sambil nunggu bus pun sempet2nya motoin kaki sendiri. Hahaha…

Padang is sooo damn hot nowadays! Even in 5 pm, the sun still freaking hot! Ampun deh!  Look at the sun which I captured! It shined brightly… But, the skies looked so pretty, agree guys?! Ah, no matter how hot this city, I always love it. This is the city where I was born, where do I live, and of course until the rest of my life… 😉

And the beautiful day was ended-up with a big bowl of chicken soup in Solaria. Actually it was my first ordered, because usually when I was there I just ordered the same menu… (chicken katsu teriyaki, what else? haha) But, because now I’m trying to eat healthy food, so I ordered this. The taste was not bad. I’ll give 80 score to the soup 😉
I was there with my sister, we had dating there… Hahaha

Happy long weekend, guys! Adios!


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