The One And Only


Happy long weekend 😉

I’m in Padang now and Padang is extremely hot! Kinda lazy to be out-of-home. So, since morning came (and I was late to wake-up hihi) I just did a ‘feminine’ activity… I cooked, I made juice and blogging! Is blogging can be included to ‘feminine’ activity? I dunno… Uhm actually this noon I want to looking for a birthday present for my sister. Yep! Tomorrow, she will be 10 years old… Wohoo… Earth rotates, time flies, she grows-up very fast! Gak berasaaa… Umurnya si canmik udah 10 tahun aja… She grows up, and it reminds me that I’m getting old! (fyi, I’m 26 years-old this year) but still my spirit is 16… Hahaha

Talking about my canmik a.k.a my sister Lintang Wiradipta, she is a complex human-creature that Allah has been created for me! She has a multiple-role in my life. As a sister, as a best friend, as a fashion-guru (shht, she likes to give comments about how I dressed-up), as a love-consultant (her opinion is the most objective one), as a rival to catch Mom and Dad’s attention (haha actually this one is forbidden!) and of course as a soul mate!!! She helps me to stay ordinary and down-to-earth, really… To be honest, me as a human of course sometimes can be arrogant, (whether its related to my settle career or my achievement), and you know what, when I’m started to be arrogant (unintentionally) she always remind me by this words:  “Ih,, kakak ongeh! Biaso2 se lah…” Ongeh means arrogant – red. She always say the truth about me, about my ex-bf and my bf… And she always boost my spirit to be a better old sister. Yap… I work for her. Though Mom and Dad are still alive and will give full attention to her, but my responsibility is to take care of her. That’s my promise to myself.  I work days and nights for her, I try my best to make her happy, but instead of that, it doesn’t mean I teach her to be a spoiled kid. No!!! She has to live happy, but not by living in a luxurious way. I want her to be better than me, in Islam and knowledge… Amin… A good pray InsyaAllah will be answered by Allah, right? 😉

Well, I’m gonna catch you very soon ya… Coz I want to go out to looking for a present for her birthday tomorrow 😉



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