Being A Lecturer!


I’m genuinely happy this week… 😉
I love my job for sure!!! I love being a lecturer, I love being an academician…
The reasons are…

  1. Being a lecturer means you always catch-up with young and spirit people
  2. Being a lecturer makes you always learn…and learn…and learn… about your subject! So, no matter how you dislike the subject that you handled, you must read the materials before you present it in front of your students!
  3. Being a lecturer gives you big satisfaction to be better and better in behaving your personality
  4. Being a lecturer is flexible! You can get along with projects outside campus! Haha
  5. Being a lecturer means you will be involved to all research that conducted by your institution
  6. Being a lecturer gives you a highly prestigious social status
  7. The last one… Being a lecturer gives you opportunity to pursue your study (Ph.D mode ON!!!

And one thing for sure… I’m in love with this job!!! 😉

This post was made when I was busy formulating the research idea of DIKTI’s proposal… And also reviewing the thesis of Een… But I enjoyed them. Uhm, any idea of formulating proposal? I want to discuss the issue about legal norm that involved women’s equality. But, too many ideas sometimes make it bad! It flies through my brain haha… Anyhow, I will finish Een’s thesis first, because he sent it 3 days ago! So, after Een’s I will be focused on DIKTI’s proposal…
Kinda busy, huh? Haha better to be busy than GALAUUU!!! Hihihi…


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