Strawberry Milk Shake is Shaking Us!


Hot Friday! Thanks God, after 3 days with rain and storm, now Padang is back to normal. Ayeahhh!!! And like usual, on Friday, I should pick my sister up to her English course (in LB LIA), and after that (of course) we hang-out… Hoho (agenda rutin boouw…) And yes, because I just get bored with pizza, fried chicken and others fast food, so I decided to ask her hang-out to a cozy place and eat traditional food… Mie goreng!!! Hahaha 😀 Yap… Just missed the taste of mie goreng after more than weeks I couldn’t eat that. LOL… 

We ate in a resto “S” from 4 pm until 6 pm… 2 hours is enough for us to chat and laugh together. My sister told me about her school life, her friends, and the boy that she likes! (Ampoonnn!! Anak kecil jaman sekarang…!) Haha then of course I just laughed and gave comments when I heard her stories… Gak jauh beda ama gw kecil dulu 😛 And, again! she asked me to get married… Secara, banyak kakak temen2nya yang udah mo merit getohh… We talked much, and she also talked about my ex-bf and who is the boy that closed-to me now. And I said… I don’t have a bf now… (BOONG!!!) Hahaha… Uhm, yes I have someone, but I just don’t want to tell her… Takutnya ntar ember trus ngadu ke Mama Papa, males ah… So I just let her persuade me to get married soon 😛 But I just laughed and laughed hihihi

To be honest, she (my sister – red) is the best person to talk to… She always give the “honest” and “objective” comments about the boy that closed to me. If she said that boy is bad, it means… more than 70% that boy is bad! Hahaha I don’t know, she just have such premonition in seeing someone… And thank God! She doesn’t have any bad comments about BP… She is quite close to BP, since they used to meet-up and talk each other since I was in college… 😀

Then, our mie goreng is tandasss…. And our ice tea is also empty in glass, then we ordered (again!) strawberry milkshake and gossiping about many things. Hahaha that’s what sisters are for, right? I loovvveeee… her so much! And this is our pic in “S” resto… Hahha narsis!!!


See ya again! Smoochas Lavidas! Adioss!!!


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