I Captured These… (On International Women’s Day)


Its an International Women’s Day! Yeay! So happy that women in all over the world can commemorate this day ๐Ÿ˜‰ In a wise-way of course! And here are some pics that I captured this noon, when I just came back from Qbar’s office… (of course its related to women!)

Pic 1. Woman is selling the clothes and waiting for her buyer

Since women love to dress-up, so nowadays lots of dress-vendor sell their stuffs everywhere. Whether its in a shopping malls, boutique or even in the traditional market. Well, this pic was captured in Pasar Raya Padang (I can say that its a traditional market), and they sell it (really) close to the street. Uhm, actually its disturb the traffic. Traffic jam becomes common thing because lots of dress-vendor use the street as their trading-area. But then, they do not care, because by using that area, it means they are free from tax (really different if they opened their own stores) and of course they are close to their customer (FYI, thousands people will back and forth in Pasar Raya Padang). Kinds of phenomena but this is the real situation…

Pic 2. A parking-woman talks to an old-lady

This pic was captured in Permindo. I just saw a woman who did her job as a parking-woman. Well, you can see her. The one who wear an orange shirt with a big hat. Uhm, maybe a decades ago, this ย condition is not common. Women tend to do a “feminine” job and “white-collar” job. But time DOES change! The demand of this ‘hard-world’ makes women have to be active and able to do men’s job. I think, its a little bit ‘gender equality’ in working sphere… ๐Ÿ˜‰ And can you see what did she doing? She talked to an old-lady and smiled… She just happy with her own way.

Pic 3. The Foreigners

Permindo is a shopping-arcade area. You can find anything in Permindo. Bookstores, bakery, boutique, supermarket, hotels, shoes-shop… Ah, lots of things are there. The cheapest one until the expensive one also can be found there. And of course, not only local people love to walk there, but also foreigners. I just saw a couple walk-through the Permindo street. Uhm, maybe they want to do some shopping? Who knows?!

Pic 4. Women in Permindo intersection

This is the last pic that I was captured this noon. I saw two young lady sat-down in pedestrian area (I think they were talking orย gossipingย haha). And the others are waiting for public-vehicle maybe? Like angkot or bus… And the other one (maybe) looking for some cellular-card in that cellular shop. Uhm… Kinda busy noon, right?! They have one similarity. They are women. No matter what their status, their job, their size, their appearance, they are WOMEN! Happy women’s day to all women in this world…

I’m woman. And I’m proud of being a woman… ๐Ÿ˜‰


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