I Need Someone To Discuss


Wudda mellow tittle… Hiks yep… These couple of days I just feel that so many things which are (actually unimportant) bothered me. Started from many men approached me, whom I disliked… then also about ‘unproductive’ days that I spent… Huffhhttt… Gonna tell you why!

Since last week, there are 2 men… whom are always bothered me. In campus and also out-campus. It doesn’t mean that I hate them No, not that. I just feel uncomfy if they keep on bothered me. They called me, they sent me (lots!) of messages and teased me. And the most craziest thing, one of them (his initial is AZ) is sooo… crazy! He even made an announcement in facebook that he wants to marry me! Najonkkk… I feel soย embarrassed with that, coz of course my students in campus will see that. Hikss… Benciii…ย The other one, always sending me messages and speak “silly” things with me, which I hate it! I need someone to discuss about many things. NOT silly things!

Frankly, both of the men have a good ‘tampang’… good job… and bla bla blah… But I just don’t like them. I just couldn’t find any chemistry. Hiks! Am I stupid? Am I dumb? Why do I think that chemistry is really important? Hell yeahh… for me, a smart man is more tempting. Not smart in academic, but in many things. I mean, I can discuss about many things with him. Smart jokes, smart solution and smart attention! I don’t need a gombalers! I just can’t stand of that… Terserah orang mau bilang gw cewe aneh. Gw gak peduli…. Menurut gw, menghabiskan hidup dengan seseorang itu (menikah — red) gak cukup hanya dengan kata ILOVEYOU bertubi-tubi, tapi ada pengertian di dalamnya, saling mengisi, ada perubahan positif yang didapat kedua pasangan seiring berjalannya waktu. Bukan sekedar (maaf) make-love and everything is finished!!!ย Maybe I’m too strict… or too picky… or whatever you named it!

Eniwei, I also said about ‘unproductive days’. Wuz wrong with me? Nothing… I just feel bored of work-hours! Yes, can you imagine? Me, as a lecturer in UMSB have a working hours from 8.00 – 15.00. Hiks… how bored! I love working if its until 6.00… And now? at 3.00 everything’s finished! Bener2 tidak produktif!!! And guess what?! I’m thinking to find side-job in Bukittinggi as a tour-guide, instructor, or whatever. FYI, my job in INGOs is more challenging, and started from 8.00 until 5.00 dan malahan can be until 21.00 at night. LOL… I love that!!! Of course with bigger salary too hihihi ๐Ÿ˜€

That’s why, started from next week I will apply to what-so-ever English course, or looking for a foreginer. Bosan kali…jam 3 udah di kos’an. Fuihh… I miss my job in Unand and LBH Anak… Kek’nya Senin dan Selasa masih kurang untuk ngerjain semua kasus dan urusan kantor di Padang. Huhuhuhu but yeah, this is my choice. Sebuah pilihan yang harus gw bayar mahal. Pilihan untuk lanjut sekolah. Ngapain juga gw lanjut sekolah? Sombong banget gw… Gw sekolah bukan untuk ngebuktiin siapa gw kok. Gw hanya cinta sekolah, cinta mencari ilmu. That’s it!!! So, please understand my dreams… Humm, hopefully there will be someone whom will understand that. Amin…

Yeah!!! Next week, I’m ready to be a freelancer! Yeay!!!


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