Ma Famille


Hoho, long weekend yo! Yes, Chinese Lunar Year celebrations and of course I’m gonna say Gong Xi Fa Cai to my mates who celebrated it. Coz I have long weekend, so I decided to go back to Padang today (from Bukittinggi as well).

When I arrived home, Mon just cooked yummy food for me… Hoho thanks Mom! Then, after that we hang-out around Padang. These are our pics…

Hoho its a happy day for me. Alhamdulillah… Well, actually today I had so many activities with Mom and Dad. First, we went to SPN Padang Besi, ada anggota keluarga dari salah satu anggota Papa di SPN yang meninggal, so we went there to give sympathy. Then, after that, we went to RS Tentara. My neighbor’s children got accident yesterday. So, we were looking at her in that hospital. After those two visitations we walked around Padang (especially China Town) to see the Chinese Lunar Year’s celebration.

 And today’s ended-up with a cozy dinner in Air Tawar and buy fresh fish in Muaro Penjalinan. Wudda nice day! ^_____^


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