Its (Just) a Little Crush Or…


Just wanna share to you about what happened to me last week (especially on Tuesday January 17, 2012). Yeah, on that day I supposed to go back to Bukittinggi (sebenarnyaaa…) but, because I have appointment with ‘Matahari’, so I postponed my trip to Bukittinggi (padahal sebenernya hari Rabu itu gw wajib masuk loh. Wakaka). Well, so I just made decision that I will be back on Wednesday afternnon to Bukittinggi. Which that means, I have to enter my campus on Thursday and (of course!) I got the risk that called undisciplined lecturer. Hihi… But dun worry, I never disappointed my students, coz I teach them only in Friday. So, other days its just a formal position! (Make worksheet, journals, etc)

And what happened on Tuesday? Which made me so excited? Hum, gonna tell you completely! On Tuesday, Matahari wanted to treat me, regarding to his birthday on January 7th, but because he was so busy with bricking and his company’s stuff, so we just cancelled those culinary fest. And voila! On January 17th, we made it as a realization. We chatted in the afternoon, and he asked me what food that I wanna eat. Then I said, I missed ketoprak and ice cream!!! Hihi…

BUT!!! Because in Maghrib the weather was not friendly (fyi, the big rain came on that day!) so I contacted Matahari and I said, he had to cancel our appointment. Ya iyalah, secara ujan lebat gitu, nanti dia sakit lagi gara2 jemput gw ke rumah! I said, please DO NOT come. I didn’t want to put high expectations about his arrival in my house, coz I really understand that the weather was just sucks. But you know what?! When I called him, he said he was already in Jati to take the fuel for his motorcycle and he told me, that it was okay for him to take me-out however it was rain! Ouch! That was sweet. And I directly jumped into my bathroom (waktu itu gw blom mandi, secara gw mikir pasti ga jadi pergi ama dia) and had a quick shower. LOL.

After Maghrib, for about 7.00 pm. He texted me and said that he was downstairs with my grandpa. Without no moisturizer, no powder on my face, and no lip-balm, I just met him. Iya, gw butek banget. No bedakan at all. Haha… Tapi cuek aja! Daripada dia nunggu kelamaan, ga enak juga kan? Hihi… But we had to wait for my friend, Bang Ari that wanted to give money related to my translation project. Alhamdulillah… And yes, after that we went-out, in that cold-air… bbrrr… bbbrrr….

Our first destination was Ketoprak in Jati. He ordered two portion of Ketoprak and asked me to wait there, coz he wanted to go for a while. I was implying, okay… Then 5 minutes passed, 10 minutes passed and Ketoprak was already served. He was disappeared. I texted him. And asked where was he. He just replied, “wait a moment ‘ge, just eat first, if you’re very hungry”. Heh??? Gw ditinggalin sendirian dengan ketoprak dan dua orang tukang ketoprak! Kejamnya!!! That I was thinking. 15 minutes passed, then he came. And you know what??? He brought ice-cream!!!!! So, he went-out and left me for 15 minutes to buy me ice-cream like what I’ve been requested to him that afternoon. I was impressed and surprised at the same time. I just didn’t notice that. I thought he just forgot what I was asking. Huaaahhh!!! That’s sweet! Really sweet…

Recently, we ate Ketoprak and talked about many things, discussed about many things. And as you know, talking to him and can share stories with him was the best part! He can make me smile and laugh at the same time. He ate two portion of Ketoprak. I thought he was hungry after work. Hahaha… Ketoprak was finished and ice-cream was almost finished, and almost 9.00 pm!!! Ting tong!!! Its time to go home. We decided to go back. In simpang haru, coz I always said that I felt cold, he asked me to step-down from his motorcycle and offered me to wear his rain coat. Huaaahhhh!!! That was reallyyy… sweet! Yep, he said “udah ga dingin lagi kan ‘ge? Jadi berhenti mengeluh kalo malam ini dingin”. Whuahhh…feel so embarrassed, karena gw sering banget ngeluh! Hehe…

When we arrived in Anduring, I just thinking, that I still wanted to hang-around until by-pass with him. I said, just go straight. Nanti aja beloknya di arah by-pass. And you know what??? He didn’t respond my request. He still turn around in Mesjid Kebenaran. He said, udah jam 9 dan dia ga mau dimarahin orang tua gw. Hihi gw jadi malu lagi karena banyak kandaakkk!!! Wakakaa… He is really a good man.

The point is, at that night, I was soo… happy!!! I love his attention. And (honestly) I like him a lot!!! BUT I’m afraid that I will fall in love with him. Fall in love… means… FALL!!! I’m afraid of fall and don’t want to take the risk to fall in love. Hella pissed!!! Jalani sajalah, toh gw memang sayang sama dia. Sama Matahari. Nah dianya, gw ga tau gimana. Gw ga mau nanya ah. Tengsin!!! Hoho tetep ya, harga diri diatas segalanya. Wakakaka… fine, that’s my story!!! Its up-to-you to judge it. Whether its good or bad. Anyhow, I’m so happy!



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