Style in Thursday


Wudda happy Thursday! My job is smooth, my love-life is better, and my ‘pocket’ is more more more full! Alhamdulillah… And you can see how happy I am in these 2 pics… In formal clothes and casual clothes. Hehe unimportant posting actually. But I just want to post it. Hihi

Just compare those two pics… Me in formal clothes and me in casual clothes. Hihi kinda different. Lengga as a lecturer and Lengga as herself. I love my style in both pics. Still looks-like me. I just can’t hiding my smile (the giggle one of course).

And one thing, if you’re happy, it will be reflected in your eyes! For sure…

Hei, I also posting about “Refleksi Cinta Sahabat-Sahabat Saya”. You can see below this post. Its worth-to-read, you know?

Kinda interesting when you try to understand someone’s love story and then you wrote it in your blog. It could be a long-lasting and unforgettable story. Thanks a bunch for them who give me such permit to write and publish their stories. This world supposed to be fulfill with love, sincere and loyalty. Hohoho… How I love writing in my blog. Just like this quote: If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it by Tennessee Williams. Go writing!

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