Unsuccessful Matchmaking Vol. 1


Hahaa… I wanna have BIG laugh for tonight! Yap… Gimana enggak? Dahsyat banget lah ketawa gw malem ini. Wakaka… Okey, lemme tell you what happened tonight… But, please don’t laugh at me!

This noon, my friend Ratih sent me a message and asked me to go out… She said that she wants to treat me to drink some coffee in a cafe near jam gadang. So, i said yes to her… But well, you know what??? Ternyata oh ternyataaa… She asked me to have ‘double date’! Yep!!! She and her husband also invited a man named Mr. A to have ‘date’ with me! Whatttt???? Hu uh, actually me and Mr. A are friends in facebook, he added me first, loonggg time ago. But at that time, I dunno that he is a friend of Ratih and her husband. I just knew it, when I saw mutual friends on his fb, and I asked him when i online with him… And yes!!! We have a lot of mutual friends! *smallworld*…and after that we chat quite often… He always asked me to chat, and if I didn’t reply his message, he would say that I ignored him! Busyet! Capeu deu… 😛

But to be honest, tonight I just dunno that my friends set-up this strategy to match-make me and him! Hellooo… Dicomblangin! Ih, gak gue banget!!! But, becoz i respected my friend and her husband, so I still joined her tonight. After Maghrib, she picked me up to my kost’an (secara kost’an tutup jam 9, so we left quickly!).

When we arrived at Jam Gadang, and parked the motorcycle around there, me and Mr. A was shake-hands together. And Im thinking at that time… “Oh, ini dia, cowo yang sering ngajak gw chat, tiap hari tiap detik… well, okay…” That was I what thinking. Becoz I respected Mr. A also (secara dia sering banget ngajak gw jalan sejak dia tau gue tinggal di Bukit), I tried to make a cozy situation. I acted normally, I smiled to him, and try to connected my conversation with him! Which was in the end… GUE GAK BISAAA!!! Hahaha Swear! I just could’nt make it, I just couldn’t find the chemistry! Sorry… 😦

It doesnt mean that I hate him. NO! I believe that he is a good man, and mature enough, he also polite, he has a settle job (FYI, he worked as a government employee in Bukittinggi), and bla bla blaahh… (he has good criteria of a man) But hell yeah!!! I would say… Maybe not him. So, do you know what did I do along that 2 hours??? I just listen to Ratih and her husband jokes, and then reacted to their jokes, and… BUSY WITH MY CELL-PHONE! Too bad, aite??? And, you know what did Mr. A do??? He was shy to look at my face! LOL… hari ginii???!!!

Anyhow, i just thought that maybe me and Mr. A more comfy as friends. And, of course!!! Tonight’s gonna called… UNSUCCESSFUL MATCHMAKING VOL. 1… Gue emang gak bakat kalo soal comblang2an hahaaa…

We’ll see next surprises! Hahaha… Gotta see you very soon!

Bubye… 🙂


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