Do I Need Resolution?

Assalamualaikum ♥

Hello… How’s life so far in 2011? Bad? or Good? Well, whatever life treats you, whether its bad or good, believe me! Its kinda life process… Indeed!

How could I be so wise? Hm… let say, these two weeks life in Bukittinggi just treats me hard. Hahaha. No, actually it was not the main point. I just knew from Bang Reza (my brother who supported me to get NIDN in UMSB) that yes… the environment in my campus (UMSB Bukit) is not comfy at all. He just told me yesterday that lots of ‘people’ there are envy and dislikes if they see someone whom have higher level than them. Hellowww…!!! I think I just act normally there. I wear a simple and ordinary ‘baju kurung’, I don’t wear an expensive bag or accessories, I never ‘menjilat’ to the boss (Dean and the Head of Program), and the most important thing… I always keep smile and be friendly for everyone that I met (start from the office boy, administration staff, other lecturer, etc)…

But hell yeah! That’s their rights! Whether they like me or dislike me. Bang Reza asked me yesterday, about my feeling there. Do I feel awkward and uncomfortable there? I just say YES, but I will survive with everything around me. And he implied, He proud of me. That I can handle and survive. Yappp… that’s my strong point! How bad and how pathetic my condition (whether its now or in the past) I can survive. I don’t hate them. No. I know that its kinda hard and difficult for them to accept new people. Let them do that. But one thing, like my Dad says: Gak ada gunanya benci2 sama orang, biarin aja. Namanya juga hidup, ada yang suka kita, ada yang enggak. Yang pasti, berbuat baik aja. Cool Daddy… Love him!

Hahaha… Hei, wanna share to you a bitter but priceless experience of me. I just remember when last year, I have no money at all in my pocket only Rp. 5000,- and I walked through the city center to picked-up my sister in school. Why  did I have only Rp. 5000,- in my pocket? Well, I never asked for money anymore from my parents. Lil bit idealistic I know, but I don’t want to ask money anymore since I was graduated my Bachelor Degree in 2007. Obviously, people may say I’m crazy, but who cares??? Lanjut critanya, I walked through city center. NO LIE!!! I really walked at that time to reach my sista’s school. I sweat and I was happy. So, who says that with Rp. 5000,- you can’t life? Of course you still can life. Hahaha… Hei! Besides it helps me to be slimmer, right? LOL…

Okay, forget about that bitter experience.

Now, lets talk about RESOLUTION IN 2012. Do I need resolution, heh? Actually, i made it year by year (especially in New Year) but only some of them that can implement in ‘real’… And I think, we don’t need ‘new year’ to establish a new solution or to change to be better, aite??? But, coz its kinda ‘trend’… And Yes! Maybe I’ll make some, so here are my resolution… 😀


  1. Be more and more religious! My very first priority! 😉
  2. Be a good daughter of my family. No more ‘cat-fights’ or ribut2kecil with my Mum and Dad. And serve my parents the best things that I can do. Love Lintang and PaGaek (my grandpa) more, of course!
  3. Be a multi-tasking woman. Teaching, researching, what-so-ever activity that can enrich my knowledge, increase my networking and of course earning moneehhh… $_$ Hahaha
  4. Be a sincere friends for my friends. I love them so much! And get more, more and more new friends!
  5. Be a good woman for a man (Jiahh…berat bahasa gw sumpah! Wakaka) Hei! please don’t judge me as a ‘lame’ woman! That’s silly but so important, right? Hehe
  6. Not updating too much news in Facebook. Haha well, since I’m so expressive, I’ll try to reduce that habit. No more updating too frequent in facebook. BUT say yes to blog! 😀 It improves me to be honest to myself… 
  7. Ph.D as my wishlist in 2012! Aminn!!! Long way to go…
  8. Cook… Cook… Cook… I wanna be good at cooking :p
  9. Get married… HEI!!! should I mention this? With who? Hahaha… Its Allah SWT’s secret anyhow, right? So, just let it flow…
  10. Actively writing my another blog (more about office thingy as well) in

And those 10 dreams need to be real… Married?! Should I delete it? Am I quite mature enough and good enough to be a wife? I dunno… But Mum said, its a process. And time will prove… Hahaha

So, you guys, please do enjoy your new year and its stuff… I will see you very soon in 2012. Adios! ♥


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