Are We (Really) Done?!


Cold night in Bukittinggi. Cold feeling in my heart. I don’t know why I feel this way, but everything seems blew me down! Its about B… I think I want to quit every single part of our story. But its hard, because he still catch my attention. Helloo… can we just stop this silly things? Don’t call me, please… Don’t remember me, please… Don’t come to my house, please…

We’re Done!!! We’re just wasting these 2 years… Without any progress!

B… Just leave me alone! I need time to think, to evaluate this relationship… And, please don’t ask Are we done? to me… Because I even don’t know the answer… If you want to know the answer, just find-out by yourself B.

You are the best part of my life. But only a part, like puzzle…


2 thoughts on “Are We (Really) Done?!

  1. Sometimes, we need to meet the wrong one before meet the right one. Eventhough, those two years seen as a silly time.
    Someday, somehow, maybe we will thankfull to that wrong one, because we have learned a lot until we meet that right one.
    isn’t it, Leng?

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