Me in 20 Years

Assalamualaikum ♥

Hei, i just found a nice website where we can predict about how we look in 20 years later 😉 Yes! It’s I just found it accidentally when I browsed last night… Then I tried to upload my pic, this pic actually… And I always used this pic as a legal photograph in my curriculum vitae…

And taaddaa…!!! This is how do I look 20 years later! Uhm, It means, when my age is 45 years old… Fewwhhh… 😉

LOL! I look so mature… So similar with my Bu Gaek (My Grandma) haha… 🙂 But I’m still fat as well… Hihi But I do love this version! Still Lengga! Masih Lengga banget gitu loh… 😀

Enjoy your Monday night all… Bubye ♥


2 thoughts on “Me in 20 Years

  1. haha rese lo… gw jadi dewasa banget yak kliatannya… hiksss ,, wakaka everybody grows old… 🙂

    lo juga, makin tua makin montok.. ahahahaa 😀

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