Study Visit to BMKG and PMI

i had “study visit” yesterday (September 22nd, 2011) with DRR Team, community and government staff…
and like usual, i had sooo…much fun there πŸ™‚
and here are the pics…

this was the journey from pariaman to silaiang… we trapped in a traffic jam for about 30 minutes. and u know i still had time to take some pics… haha

arrived in padang panjang, we had to buy rice for the group of people that we brought from Pariaman… i went there with ni pit and mak etek πŸ˜€

when i reached BMKG and met Yanti and Bory, i also took some pics… we were being so crazy lately… haha

then, after 2 hours in BMKG we had lunch… i had my lunch already… only ni pit and Yanti who havent had lunch… so we decided to stop in Anai, to have lunch… while ni pit and Yanti had lunch, the photo session was still ON!!! hoho

this was our first a bridge in Anai valley…

we relaxed here for about one hour… *but i guess more than an hour* haha

then….PMI! We’re coming…. our trip continued to PMI Lubuk Buaya in Padang…

the journey ended up with big laugh… all the time… πŸ™‚
i arrived in my kost’an at 10 pm… but with BIG smile and many memories of course! muacchh… i love this job…


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