Another Day, Another Way

hello! just coming back from the field… after brought and delivered many invitations to the six korongs, now im free!! free to write in my blog and posting some pictures. hoho…
in the field, there was actually a big rain! but it didn’t make our journey become bad. just enjoy every single minute… and guess what? when we were there, the thick fog just around us! so exotic yet cold! bbbrrrbbbrrr…brbbrrr…. πŸ˜€
but that was amazing… (like usual!) hei! i also took some pictures there…
these kids just helping their parents to dried-up the cassia vera… well, cassia vera is the real form, before they are transformed into cinnamon… and you know what? when they lifted up this cassia vera, it was so heavy!!! gosh!! can’t imagine if i lifted-that-up! maybe ill be slimmer hihi πŸ˜›

then, these pics…took by Yanti my mate πŸ™‚


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