Be a Model in Pariaman!

these are some pictures that we took yesterday… (23 August 2011)
me and my friend; Yanti were being sooo…crazy of being a model yesterday! lol
check it out these pics…
these are taken by camera phone – Nokia E63 series. but the pics result??? satisfying! ๐Ÿ˜€

this pic took by Yanti, the location was in front of Wali Nagari Padang Alai office. i love this pic because i looked slim there and my smile was just normal, no giggle! and no naughty-laugh of me.. hehe

and this my all time favorite… my pose seems like a model *gubrak* haha
Yanti took this pic also. what i love about this pic: the expression looked flat, but the gesture “was not so me”.. it means, i never be like this feminine before…

i love taking pictures! i love to be candid! yeayyy!!!


2 thoughts on “Be a Model in Pariaman!

  1. dan aku sangad yakin dan percaya…
    Pasti yanti udah kehabisan kata2 waktu kamu suruh ambil tu poto..
    Ya kan ngge…

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